Parental Advisory – August 20

Pastor Luke’s message this Sunday is drawn from two passages of Scripture: Revelation 17:1-6 and 19:11-16. The first of these describes Rome metaphorically as a prostitute (“Babylon the Great, Mother of Prostitutes”). John of Patmos, the Seer who wrote Revelation, follows in the prophetic tradition of Isaiah, Nahum, Hosea, and others in using this metaphor for sin, especially infidelity toward God.

This pair of readings was proposed by New Testament scholar Craig Koester of Luther Seminary, author of several commentaries including Revelation and the End of All Things. Pastor Luke’s intent is to help listeners understand this part of the Good News about Jesus, and to address this mysterious passage responsibly and with appropriate sensitivity.

Parents may want to review the readings beforehand and consider whether the material is appropriate for younger listeners. If not, they may want to have their kids leave with the preschoolers after the childrens’ message to watch an episode of Buck Denver in the Education Center.

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